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Re: This site seems to go down daily..

Posted by Vimm on .
I've been having server trouble so I've been watching it more closely lately. One of the hard drive keeps locking up for no apparent reason and the only fix is to power cycle the system. I may not be able to run the server much longer so I'm not really worrying about it.

In reply to: This site seems to go down daily.. posted by inspector on .
Maybe I'm exagerating, but yesterday it was down, and a few days before that I couldn't load it.. is this maintance?

I like this site, I think it was the first message board I joined, now I just goto .. but back than, pirating roms was where it was at? M I r1tE? *holds up hand for hi-five*... come on, I bought a PS3 for $600, you can't leave me hanging. . .