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Re: Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (PAL)

Posted by kalcesar123 on .
Go West!: Una Aventura de Lucky Luke

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Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl) [PAL]

Lucky Luke is a cartoon cowboy from comic books (and later cartoons) with a huge following in Europe. I'd like to add this game to my library to surprise my BiL, who is a big fan.

I found it at, but I have repeatedly gotten a server failure while trying to DL it from there. I got as far as 1.2GB last time. My DL speeds are 512k/s at BEST, and often as low as 17kb. My DLs don't fail, just romspure.

I'm hoping someone here can DL the game from much faster than I can, before the connection fails, for the complete 3.9 GB; then run it through Vimm's scrubbing process; and add it to the Vault.

(I realize most here will not have heard of Lucky Luke, but it has a 4-star rating at GameFAQs, based on 9 reviews.)