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I can do it!!!

Posted by emilioarias on .
If you want, check those manuals and look for the ones that still are missing on your list of snes/nes manual project (and mine too ^_^!!) mail them to me and i assure you, I will scan them for you and for all. Best Regards and Happy new year 2007!

In reply to: Re: a very deeply request posted by Vimm on .
I took a look and I currently have 20 SNES manuals that I've never scanned. That doesn't say they've never banned scanned before, just that I've never done it. I also have a few dozen NES manuals and various Genesis and PS1 manuals I've rescued over the years. Most of them are in good shape as well, but the only one I have that you listed is Super Punch-Out!! If you like I'm sure I could find some time to scan it sometime.