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Posted by NES Player on .
I wrote you an e-mail, but I don't know if you got it, so I send you the text again here:

I read that your site will maybe close at the end of this month. What will happen to its content then? Will it simply disappear or will there be another place where we can download the manuals?

If the manuals will not be available anymore, is it then somehow possible to get a CD from you with all the NES manuals on it as PDF files? (I would also pay for it.) If yes, then I'd like to know:

1. How much does it cost?

2. Do you accept PayPal?

3. Could you create the manuals in the old way, without that protection thing, so that they can be watched with Acrobat Reader 5 again? (You know, I still wrote you about that topic and you said it is a protection against removing the names of the contribbutors etc. But I'm not going to publish them.)

And one last question: How come that when I download the same manual two times, their binary code is not the same? You can compare files at the command line with the command "fc" (like fc file1.txt file2.txt) and whenever I do so with a manual I downloaded twice (for test purposes), it's always different. Not even the size is always the same. For example the "Metroid" manual one time had the size of 2425941 bytes, the other time it was 2425940 bytes big and a third time it had a size of 2425942 bytes. I know that the PDF files are generated dynamically from the images, but why doesn't your program or PHP script generate the same binary code when using the same source material? What information is included inside the file, so that it is different every time? I'm just curious. Because that's often my test to see if everything downloaded correctly: Downloading, removing the temporary internet files, downloading again and comparing the files. If they are identical, there weren't any errors. But with your files that's impossible since they are always different.

O.k., I'm looking forward to your answer. Bye.


NES Player

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