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Posted by smashburger on .
The fact that you trust anything you pull from that website is the difference between me and you. They have viruses. The site isn’t safe.

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This is the virus scan, directly taken from the romdepot website.

Known viruses: 8946437
Engine version: 0.103.0
Scanned directories: 897
Scanned files: 106485
Infected files: 0
Total errors: 352
Data scanned: 660098.52 MB
Data read: 6510899.88 MB (ratio 0.10:1)
Time: 161122.019 sec (2685 m 22 s)
Start Date: 2020:12:04 15:17:04
End Date: 2020:12:06 12:02:26

Forgive me for taking your 'advice' with a massive grain of salt.

You are free to stick to your guns, but consider re-examining some sites and stop dismissing any site that isn't one of your 'safe sites' in request posts. Post your sites in addition, sure, but don't deride the other sources.

That's all I have to say on the matter.

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