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Re: ratchet deadlock and twilight princress

Posted by GftM on .
Hi GrimmJaww, apologies but in this case I am using broken hardware, not emulators on Pc
Hopefully someone can sort you out ?

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for ratchet im using pcsx2 emulator from your website. an the game runs fine. just when i pause the game or open the gun store in game an exit the menu, the the game wont crash but nothing will load in. ive tried redownloading. changing setting on emulator. nothing helps.

with twilight princess im also using the emulator from your site but its not updated its the version that is linked. game runs perfectly excpet after death mountain. when you enter hyrule field. the frame rate drops to like 10 an theirs nothing i could to change it. an its only in that one spot.

dont know if this matters but my computer is fairly top of the line.