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Re: Nintendog Game microphone problem

Posted by DerpySnake on .
I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but I completely ignored the microphone parts when I played Nintendogs because they never seemed to work well enough or at all. I recall trying to teach my first pooch to sit being a tedious and god awful task.

It could just be that the microphone parts really are bad. After all, I don't think it returned for the 3DS version.

Though I personally recommend finding a forum or subreddit dedicated to the emulator you use to see if it actually is just an emulation issue, you'll most likely find better answers there.

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In reply to: Nintendog Game microphone problem posted by HelloPikaGamer on .
I am really frustrated when the game won't work with just a microphone sound problem!
The problem is the dog understands me but it won't allow me to proceed to the next process
Is there any solution for this game to hear me? The emulator's microphone works fine but the dog won't here me or is it deaf in the game?