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Re: help with wii usbloader gx

Posted by Wardy on .
Okay. At the risk of answering my own question. I now realise each Wii game has it's own ID code. Once renamed it works and plays fine.
However - I don't seem to have to game cover in USBLoader just the generic white cover with question mark. It's not a massive issue as the game works but it would be nice to have the associated game cover image available. Any clues or pointers to help me find the solution would be appreciated.

In reply to: Re: help with wii usbloader gx posted by Wardy on .
I have a similar issue. I have a HDD with several wbfs games already. I've added the new downloads into the same folder but they don't show when I run USB Downloader.
The files already on there have short coded names for the folder mirrored by the wbfs filename.
The download name from here is just the name of the game in full. Ive tried the mirroring of folder and file name but that didn't work.
Ive seen people mention using USB Backup? What is this? Is it pre built into the Wii? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.