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Re: Replace Wii ISO downloads with RVL?

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
RVZ is super simple to use, you just need a version of Dolphin made in the last year.

If you're using Dolphin, you don't have to do anything special as it'll "just work" in the same way that a normal ISO works.

If you're using a Wii USB loader, then you'll also want to use Dolphin to convert it back to a normal ISO:

In Dolphin click the "Config" button, then the "Paths" tab. Click "Add..." and locate the folder where the game in question is located. Click "Select Folder" and then click "Close".

Back on the main Dolphin program window, it should now show the game(s) in question. Right click the desired game and select "Convert File..." If it was in RVZ format then it should default to "ISO" in which case just click "convert", select wherever you want to save it to, and that's it.

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please tell me that RVZ is super safe i don't want to download 6 GB worth of Xenoblade wbfs and nkit screwed me over several times so i don't feel safe using it