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Re: PS3 Update Folders

Posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
You can use this site to get the official PS3 OFW updates:

Just match the md5 signature of the update file you see in the ird.

I don't understand what you mean about DLC characters though. As you said, they are DLC, and so they are not included in the original disc release of the game. Why then would Vimm include them as part of a Disc Dump? And how is this related to the update folder? The update folder simply contains an update file for the PS3 firmware, nothing else. So, even if you had the update folder, it would not magically give you these DLC characters.

Also, please don't complain about the content in Vimm's lair as if you were entitled to it. Vimm provides it for free, and from what I've seen he works really hard to make it of the best quality possible. I'm sure he accepts suggestions, so next time you could word your message as a suggestion rather than a complaint.

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I downloaded Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and after unzipping it tells me that "the update folder has been removed to save space and bandwith." Is this really necessary? This website is usually very reliable, and DLC/updates are part of game preservation. Also, personally, this is very annoying, as I am trying to get the 3 DLC characters and cannot find out how to anywhere. Does DLC really take up that much space compared to the games themselves?