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Re: Question regarding the OG Xbox

Posted by mrnemo1176 on .
eBay, flea markets, thrift stores, but really some of those cables can be a bit pricey. there has been a surge of interest in the OG xbox lately which is driving demand and prices up. there are diy HDMI mods but you need to know how to solder. also you can use the ogx360 to connect an xbox one controller. i have one, works great. use google, what you are looking for is certainly out there.

In reply to: Question regarding the OG Xbox posted by TomRiddle98 on .
My cousins gave me an OG Xbox last weekend due to them moving on PS3 in 2011.

Problem is that I don't know where I can find a high-quality AV cable or good controllers since they forgot to give me one, any suggestions?