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Re: Why is Dead Space 3 classified as a beta?

Posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
Revision: Just checked again, and the version of Dead Space 3 that was previously available in the vault has not been removed, but rather it has been labelled as a prototype, and for now does not show up when using the first letter categories.

By the way, I checked the IRD file of this prototype version of Dead Space 3 and compared it to the one that is provided in Johnny's ird library for the supposed normal version of Dead Space 3, and it turns out that the md5sum of each file in the dump is the same for both versions (though the IRD files are different, but I don't think IRD files are exactly unique). Vimm, you might want to look into this, since it may be the case that the Beta version and the normal version are the same.

I used Zar's ird-tools to do these tests, which can be found here:

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Update: Vimm has removed Dead Space 3 from the Vault, so I'm guessing there was an issue with the dump. Hopefully Vimm manages to fix the issue. Thanks for looking into the problem Vimm!!