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Re: Marvel Nemesis (PS2) Not working

Posted by DerpySnake on .

I'm assuming this is the game you're talking about? Seems to be broken. The bottom test device seems to call out the same issues you have.

If you ever have troubles in a game in the future, try here:

Your issue may be listed with either an explanation or even a fix if possible.

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In reply to: Marvel Nemesis (PS2) Not working posted by SpacePopeXIV on .
The game starts out great and everything no problem whilst booting up or on the menus, it's when I try to actually play it that it's all glitched up and everything as if the disk were scratched. I could still hear the audio perfectly and control my character and see both health bars, but I can't see anything of the gameplay except extremely glitchy video. I already downloaded it twice, can someone check if it works for them? Because I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Will appreciate it big time.

Re: Marvel Nemesis (PS2) Not working
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