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Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?

Posted by EmptyEnvelope2 on .
Does ISO-Rebuilder already work that way when using an IRD (matching md5sums instead of file names)? If so, that's a neat way to circumvent the issue on Windows. On Linux, I don't think there exists a tool which is able to use IRD files to rebuild an ISO, but since adding a "." isn't really a problem on this OS, it wouldn't really matter, and you'd just need to add the dot manually.

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The ISO rebuilder using an ird file just copies the original iso header, hence the iso will always have the correct directory structure if built from an ird file. The ISO rebuilder then just copies the file contents to appropriate offsets in the iso that the header expects to find them. The name of the file on the local FS is irrelevant, they could be called 1.bin, 2.bin, 3.bin etc
Rebuilder would just need to pick the files with the matching md5 checksums.

Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?
oakhead69 -- 6/22/2021 6:09 pm UTC
Re: Minecraft (PS3) dumped incorrectly?
EmptyEnvelope2 -- 6/22/2021 6:22 pm UTC