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Archival backend

Posted by pavak on .
Hey everybody, I just found this board and site this evening while I was really feeling the Metroid bug. I am in the archival field professionally and research into digital archives and special collections like this is sorely lacking in the field as it is, so seeing a project of this scale is really a marvel. Does anyone here know what workflows are in place for future data migration or what kind of DAM system Vimm uses on its backend? I am really interested in discussing what kind of encoded data system is utilized to accession any associated metadata with this project and if any desire for future integration with a more accessible database system is on the table. Thank G-d for strong archival backup laws!

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the_song_bird -- 6/30/2021 11:49 am UTC
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pavak -- 6/30/2021 5:39 pm UTC
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the_song_bird -- 7/1/2021 1:14 pm UTC