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Re: adding rvz downloads for wii/GC games

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
I have a couple non-US GameCube games not on the site that I'd like to upload, but the Nkit requirement makes it difficult for me, even more-so since Nkit is not cross-platform.

Creating and decompressing RVZ is much easier and is extremely cross-platform as well (Mac, Linux, and Android in addition to Windows - basically any platform that the Dolphin emulator is available for).

With the upcoming launch of the Steam Deck, being able to easily decompress and run games on a Linux-based OS seems like something we'd want to do.

And contrary to the site saying that Nkit is supported by Dolphin, the issue is that, despite being lossless, running a game directly from Nkit format can cause issues which Dolphin warns the user about. Yes, most games will work, but some games may have problems that would be otherwise unrealized and, some games like Super Paper Mario, straight up do not work when compressed as Nkit.

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it'd be nice if we had .rvz downloads since they have smaller file sizes and most of us are probabely gonna use dolphin anyways

Re: adding rvz downloads for wii/GC games
EmptyEnvelope2 -- 11/2/2021 2:10 am UTC