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Re: Gamecube RVZ Compression

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
Aw bloody nora, that was supposed to say "blackb0x's USB Loader GX fork is the only OTHER loader", not that it's the only loader.

In reply to: Re: Gamecube RVZ Compression posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
If you're maxing out the Zstandard compression to '22' then I wonder why you aren't just configuring it to LZMA @ 9 instead...

As for real hardware, I'm not sure there's enough interest - when the Wiiflow dev(s) were inquired about supporting it, the only response was "sorry, not interested", and Wii game loaders don't even have the excuse of "we already support Nkit, use that instead" (which wouldn't even be a great solution anyway due to the infamous "Super Paper Mario isn't playable via Nkit" and the like)

blackb0x's USB Loader GX fork is the only loader still seeing active development, but it's "next big update" still hasn't come out yet so we've no idea if RVZ support is something on his radar or not (we at least know that he's aware of the format).