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Re: News: November 1, 2021

Posted by Aternus on .
Is there a way to revert back to the old design somewhere? I personally found that layout much easier to use.

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Didn't plain ISO used to be available for GameCube game downloads?

Now it's forcing Nkit which, while lossless, has generally been superseded by the RVZ format which is much easier to compress/decompress, is ACTUALLY fully compatible with Dolphin (unlike Nkit), and is cross-platform (Mac, Linux, Android in addition to Windows) unlike Nkit (some games like Super Paper Mario staight-up don't work via Nkit while others can have issues you'd otherwise not run into if it weren't in Nkit format).

With the upcoming launch of the Steam Deck, it seems unwise to double-down on a game format that can't even be used properly on a Linux-based OS.

Re: News: November 1, 2021
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