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I was just a derp. Any way to add language info?

Posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
Indeed I was just a derp and somehow missed the filter button at the bottom.

...speaking of which, I can't help but think that the filter button would be better located at the top of the page instead.

Regardless, I don't suppose there's anyway for users to add language information, mainly so that it can be noted that AFAIK most Korean-region games are actually in English?

In reply to: Missing Super Bust-A-Moveï¼?Puzzle Bobble All Stars? posted by Rin Tohsaka on .
Maybe I'm just being a derp, but I cannot find Super Bust-A-Move All Stars (EUR) or Super Puzzle Bobble All Stars (JPN, KOR).

All I can find is Bust-A-Move 3000 (USA) which is effectively the same game but is only limited to 2 players while All Stars supports 4 players.

(also notable is that the KOR region seems to be completely in English while also being 60Hz, kind of making it the "secret American" version of All Stars that never was)

Re: I was just a derp. Any way to add language inf
Vimm -- 12/27/2021 10:02 pm UTC