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Re: PS3 Compatability Issue

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Well then maybe try it again for yourself. I did however mention that you need the highest end hardware that only most can ever dream of.

This video here showed that with the new alder lake processor and a 3080 ti you can get a good playable experience on RDR1 at somewhat 60 fps.

Unfortunately the specs are still too high for me (and perhaps) you to possibly get in order to achieve good performance, you really do need a 20/30 series GPU along with a fast processor in order to run it.

RPCS3 will eventually work on lesser end hardware but that'll take time and (again), just the shear fact that they managed to develop a good emulator considering the complex architecture of the PS3 is nothing short of remarkable.

But don't worry, for someday the percentage of playable games will be higher then 60%, and the bar to run RPCS3 will lower one day mark my words, maybe not today tomorrow or next year but soon, and we can all hope that it'll come much sooner then we think.

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Feh! RDR1, F*E*A*R, I can't even get them to run, much less 60 fps.

Re: PS3 Compatability Issue
ed rhodes -- 1/9/2022 11:36 pm UTC