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Re: What Forums do you still use?

Posted by Tricob on .
I visit the DieHard Wolfers forum every day (usually), but it's the only forum besides this one that I ever take the time to visit. Beyond that, it's basically looking over posts and making a few replies to a few Facebook groups. I have a YouTube channel, but not much is going on with it. I have only a handful of videos uploaded, and it's basically to showcase a few games I've programmed for an old 8-bit machine (aside from one Longplay video). I've downloaded Unity to make a game and port it to numerous platforms *including* the NES (the game currently titled "Misfire!"), but I haven't even extracted the utilities from their archives yet. Work outside of the house has pretty much been running me ragged, so not much has gotten done lately.

- Tricob.

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for me its gbatemp and thats about it