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Posted by HopelessWeeb on .
Nah, I meant is it possible to play with keyboard, without an actual controller, though I've already found that yes, it is.

Now a new question:
How do I do tricks out of jumps?
Cuz I haven't played Mario Kart Wii in a long while and don't remember how it's done.

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i'm a little confused by this question. you are able to play without a real wii remote and you can use real gamecube controllers through the official (or third party if you're feeling risky) gamecube adapter for wii u. please correct me if i misunderstood what you were asking.

(personally speaking though, i prefer emulating the controller with my switch pro controller. there are more buttons and for games like mario sunshine i am able to freely swap between my R and ZR buttons for full spray and light spray respectively.)

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