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Re: Do you guys even like Reddit

Posted by ds1615 on .
It's shit. Gays can be all pro-gay and shit like that, but soon as I make a thread in "unpopular opinions" about how I'm not AFRAID aka PHOBIC of gays or trans, but I post an opinion that they don't deserve special recognition like it's the special olympics; I get banned. I get banned because soon as an asshat has some stupid evil shit to say to provoke me, I respond to the person also in a provocative way. "World peace" will never happen.

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I guess you are right in that you can't criticize Reddit without at least including the internet as a whole into the discussion, that we can agree on.

Maybe Reddit is special because of the diverse community that it's gotten, normally some social medias have a specific target audience that they have that either appeals to only a couple of interests if not niche.

However the problem with Reddit in my opinion is the herd mentality in certain subreddits. I said this is my last post but I'll elaborate on it further.

I believe this because if you say something different, something that said subreddit doesn't like to hear you'll get downvoted into oblivion.

Making it so that people are too scared to say what they think deep down, they just want to go with the flow because too many people care about the shitty karma balance.

Along with that their are some stupid or even toxic communities on Reddit, for instance r/aita isn't really being challenged for your beliefs on being an asshole or not, it's about being validated.

Another example is r/gaming where it's just endless nostalgia bating and shit memes.

IDK of it's just Reddit maybe I'm just getting tired on the internet and need to touch grass...

PS. Sorry for my other blank post, was an accident.

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