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Re: Do you guys even like Reddit

Posted by TomRiddle98 on .
Yeah r/unpopular opinions are weird.

I feel like as though at least half are popular opinions or karma boosting, not necessary unpopular opinions in and of itself.

I've changed my thoughts on reddit sense my last post, it can be somewhat decent, but only if you actively choose subreddits that you enjoy, otherwise it's basically terrible.

As for your post that got you banned I don't really have much of an opinion sorry.

"Oh so you're a dumpbro, right? Then prove your legally owned copy of Mother 3."

In reply to: Re: Do you guys even like Reddit posted by ds1615 on .
It's shit. Gays can be all pro-gay and shit like that, but soon as I make a thread in "unpopular opinions" about how I'm not AFRAID aka PHOBIC of gays or trans, but I post an opinion that they don't deserve special recognition like it's the special olympics; I get banned. I get banned because soon as an asshat has some stupid evil shit to say to provoke me, I respond to the person also in a provocative way. "World peace" will never happen.

Re: Do you guys even like Reddit
ds1615 -- 3/7/2022 3:23 pm UTC