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Posted by Rise on .
this one is a really good wireless


it also comes with a plug so it can be wired (usb)
the delay feels as close as wireless can get to instant sound delivery, the sound quality is good and editable, and it's comfortable and has a great battery life. (just remember to charge it at least every 2 or 3 nights depending on how often you use it, it apparently cannot charge and play through wired)

and comparatively, it's WAY cheaper than other wireless headphones and works just as good if not better
i purchased it around 2 months ago and ever since it's arrived i've pretty much always had it on

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whats everyones favorite over the ear headphones. looking to buy a pair but unsure whats reliable.

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liquidraiden -- 3/29/2022 3:23 pm UTC
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Rise -- 3/29/2022 10:04 pm UTC