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Re: Sileny Hill 3 ISO/ROM ISSUES

Posted by thewhat on .
Had a similar issue with SH3, was able to get around it by changing two values under Config > Emulation Settings > Game Fixes. I checked the first box "Enable manual game fixes", and then near the bottom of the list, enabled "Switch to GSdx software rendering when an FMV plays".

With these changes, the game loaded for me and seemed to play just fine aside from some choppy voice/video during cutscenes. If that doesn't help, maybe try the following link for more insight:

Good luck.

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HELLO all! i'm so very happy to have found this community! ive recently gotten back into emulation with some friends. ive had no issues with ANY roms ive dl from this site other than SH3. the issue is a black screen upon boot up after the theme song plays. strangely i get a few scenes before that but ultimately cannot start. i'm running pcsx, and any help is appreciated! if you might be intrested in my content follow me on twitch and youtube!

Re: Sileny Hill 3 ISO/ROM ISSUES
GamersOnly1790 -- 5/2/2022 7:26 pm UTC