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Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games?

Posted by WindiiGitlord on .
Vimm says he will replace the NKIT/WBFS downloads with the RVZ downloads (the superior format) in the future once there's an easy way to build them in Linux.

In reply to: What happened to the NKIT Wii games? posted by KawaiiKuroki on .
Hello! Longtime fan, first-time poster here.

I have been downloading Wii games from Vimms lately and I noticed. at some point in the past week, that the NKIT.ISO files are no longer available, and WBFS is the only option. Does anyone know why this is? I noticed that the NKIT GameCube games are still on the site, so this seems kind of random.

I would love to get access to the NKIT Wii files again if they're still available as I like the small file sizes, though I understand if the site has taken them down for a good reason. If they are truly gone and aren't coming back, does anyone have any recommendations for alternative places with small NKIT files?

Thank you in advance!

Re: What happened to the NKIT Wii games?
KawaiiKuroki -- 5/7/2022 7:42 pm UTC