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PSO Xbox.. Phantasy Star Online

Posted by Zengobag on .
Scrap it.. Needs access to Xbox live. Unusable. I will rip mine and upload. Prepatched and playable.. Trying to integrate the downloadable quests for ep1+2 and it's not easy.. Got Gallons Quest replacing "Value of Money" - when ALL quests are done. Trying to get East/West tower quests added for hidden quest completion on Ep2. Not easy for an old timer like me but been playing game since release on Dreamcast in 2000.. Cant switch Gallon/VoM before Ultimate is completed or game is broken. I use a folder system at present and switch quests when needed. Willing to advise/help. How do I upload xiso to you??

Re: PSO Xbox.. Phantasy Star Online
Zengobag -- 5/11/2022 12:45 pm UTC