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Re: any chance ill get arrested

Posted by HopelessWeeb on .
Look, I have been emulating old games for YEARS, and the FBI still hasn't knocked on my door, (which btw this IS their department, just watch any DVD and it says it right there before the movie even starts that the FBI investigates piracy and can fine you for up to 250K, blah blah blah...), so I think you're fine, bruv. This stuff is too old and hasn't been sold by their parent companies in so long that the authorities don't give a crap. Really, they only start cracking down when folks try to monetize the software. So yeah, no, no chance you'll get arrested.

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In reply to: any chance ill get arrested posted by breakcrieslive on .
lmfao like ive been downloading games totally legally (totally) for YEARS now like since i was 11... any chance the police are gonna fine me for it? i dont torrent at all but i do download and emulate games that i dont own a physical copy of... are the police building a case file on me rn? when i turn 18 will they just arrest me? dang but to be honest i dont emulate new games, mainly just ps2, wii, occasionally psx... is it really that big of a deal for them. living in fear JOKING but ehhh idk how to feel. im not dropping money on a game that hasnt been sold retail for 18 years guys!!