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Re: Dead rising 2 off the record

Posted by Legion on .
Found fix i did this after severals things, first activate han
1) transfer the folder directly to the ps3 (GAMES) folder
2)using (mmc) try to copy the game to the usb directly
3)restart the console
4) insert physical disc on the console(ps2 game disc worked for me)
5) launch mmc and launch that game (USB)
Actually got that game on the console and usb so i dont wanna try deleting one XD
Working sandbox mode going to check story mode this night

postscript: anyone tried to play wii games on the ps3(??(2022)

In reply to: Dead rising off the record posted by Legion on .
Hello, my ps3 is getting freeze every time, when trying to play sandbox mode and story mode on strip platina.. so any can help me(??