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Re: I can't download Wii/Gamecube games...

Posted by Chaddles on .
Forgot show, this is the message i get when clicking cancel

"Error: Unable to cancel your download."

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I just got into emulation so bear with me. I am trying to download games (I'm aware you can only download one file at a time) I downloaded three GameCube games last night (1. Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door. 2. Luigi's Mansion. 3. The Simpsons, Hit and Run.) And wanted to download some more GameCube games as well as some Wii games, and when I click Download on any given game, Wii or GCN, I get the following message.

"You're currently downloading for the .

Please wait for your download to finish before starting another.

If you're not downloading this, please click here to cancel your download."

No download starts, clicking cancel does nothing, maybe there are bandwidth issues? I'm on Chrome and use Dolphin Emulator by the way. Please Help Help

Re: I can't download Wii/Gamecube games...
Chaddles -- 8/8/2022 9:55 am UTC