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Re: PSX FF Chronicles Chrono Trigger (USA) (Beta)

Posted by Matman on .
Oh no problem, if a disc is in the Redump database and also not on the MIA list (found here they can usually be found in archives like these:

That's where I found the disc you wanted after about 5 mins. of searching.

As for the Vault here, it was only opened up for uploading early this year so that's why a lot are missing.

In reply to: Re: PSX FF Chronicles Chrono Trigger (USA) (Beta) posted by jimmy on .
Jesus christ I didn't expect anyone to have it let a lone fill the request in a day. Thank you very much. This dump existing is a good sign that most if not all of PSX is actually obtainable. An incomplete "final fantasy" set was bugging the hell out of me.

Was a dumper back in the day but only shared roms if they were new as my internet was/is slow. Was a little dismayed that half the psx set isn't here until I realised it's because the focus has been on USA. There's another dozen Japanese games I can add to the set but then I'm tapped out, nothing rare unfortunately AFAIK.

Re: PSX FF Chronicles Chrono Trigger (USA) (Beta)
jimmy -- 8/24/2022 3:43 pm UTC