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Re: Hidden Vault I Think?

Posted by wickedface on .
I think vimm may add xb360 to the vault, try this https://vimm.net/vault/Xbox360/H or change the last character on that. It has xBox 360 games list includes, the halo, forza horizon etc. Vimm does not upload any file yet though but it is great addition. Thank you vimm.

In reply to: Re: Hidden Vault I Think? posted by pabloni21 on .
I think either there is some legal or technical problem as to why there are no Xbox 360 games available to download, or there just isn’t anyone working on that. Considering that there are many 360 games listed, though hidden, I think there was an attempt to start listing those roms. There were probably some issues and the attempt was abandoned. Try asking on the main message board or the request board, there might be someone who could better answer your questions there.

Re: Hidden Vault I Think?
R3tr0 -- 8/30/2022 11:35 am UTC