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Re: Collection Download?

Posted by jimmy on .
If you rent a seedbox/vpn you could use it to download a collection to the box, merge the files, then send the full collection to you in one go. The Vimm server would probably boot you for scraping the site too much so you'd need to use multiple sites or one that lets you scrape like If you don't want to merge you can scrape directly with a script/downloader instead of messing about with a seedbox/vpn,again probably not from vimm if you're doing a large set.

Because I'm on a limited connection I'm doing vpn+merge to reduce the burden on my bandwidth. I've made a custom format for merged bin/cue/iso images to merge the numerous versions of many games into one set of files, tends to reduce bandwidth required by at least half comparing compressed merge to how they were downloaded.

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I'm new to this but was wondering is there a way to download a full collection instead of 1 at a time?