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Posted by TigerBrawl200 on .
Hi folks!

So about that PAL version and signal issue.

I figured out how to fix it. Using OPL, I set the setting to HDTV 575p @ 50 Hz.
After doing some research, ICO is one of the few ps2 games to support 240p. A not-too-popular signal output used by HDTV.

So out of tinkering, I got the PAL version to work. Which is awesome!

Anyways, yeah. Hope this post at least was interesting.

In reply to: Does the J-NTSC version of ICO have English text? posted by TigerBrawl200 on .
Does anyone know if the J-NTSC version of ICO has English text?

There's the PAL version, which is great but it acts all funky with my component cables and looks all funky due to the hertz (50 in Europe, 60 in USA/Canada). Also even when I have a AV cable, it's all weird. I plan to get a HDMI/converter...but this prompted a question.

Also the PAL version has the superior game-play like new game plus and a bunch of features cut from the USA release.

Does the J-NTSC version of ICO have English text and subtitles?