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Re: Just a thanks for keeping this site going 25 y

Posted by Vimm on .
Thank you, I'm happy someone noticed that 2022 is Vimm's Lair's 25th anniversary. I made a fuss for the 20th but decided to stay low-key this time.

In reply to: Just a thanks for keeping this site going 25 years posted by YITT on .
I found this site like 5 years ago and it's been such an amazing easy source for emulators and ROMs.

I'd been downloading emus and ROMs here and there for many years before finding this (back in the emuparadise days), where sites to download this stuff was all over, but along with tons of viruses and shady stuff.

Then the video game companies cracked the whip and all the emulator sites quickly disappeared or offered barely anything anymore, up until today.

So really appreciative to have this homebrewed website to keep as a perfect source with no b.s. Here's to 25 more years, and on.