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can I host a mirror with admin help?

Posted by retroaddict555 on .
my area is soon to involve fiber synchronous speed of over a gigabit for less than my shitty 6mbit upload(~800kbytes/s)
and I already have a battery backed server rig that will have a raid-5 array of ~8tb usable space
I will happily add a few drives to make a spanned+raid5 hybrid array that vimmites can use to host a mirror of some files that get downloaded a lot
I am a strong advocate that once a file is no longer sold by the copyright owner they lose the right to shutdown any copies made as they no longer offer a valid "we are losing profits" motive
I am happy to discuss if the site admins are interested
the faq didn't say anything about offering stable 24/7 mirrors of popular retro files so please don't deletehammer my post just tell me where it was addressed and I will happily shut my fat mouth

Re: can I host a mirror with admin help?
Vimm -- 12/27/2022 5:30 pm UTC