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Re: The Lair needs expanding.

Posted by Digifiend on .
They certainly could. We just need the relevant vaults to be created.

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Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Turbo-Grafx CD; I've wanted to play Samurai Shodown RPG for close to 20 years now & Rondo of Blood for longer.

I don't know how that even works, let alone downloading a few PS1 & PS2 games, changing it to proper format to play on my jailbroken PS3 or even adding the PS1 to a Rasperry Pi 3b+. Since I'm fairly new to Vimm's, and the whole process of emulation in general, I apologize in advance if this next suggestion isn't something that's recommended but with thousands of games to expand on, I would imagine this is much easier. Couldn't these roms, pkgs, isos, or whatever the proper format is be brought over from other preservation websites?

Re: The Lair needs expanding.
scottbeck79 -- 1/10/2023 3:49 pm UTC