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Re: The Lair needs expanding.

Posted by scottbeck79 on .
Any ideas on where one can learn more about all of these processes? Who would have to create the specific vaults?

I saved a few ps1 games to a flash drive to "eventually" add on to my PS3, meaning, it's already been jailbroken, has something called PS3 Solid Gold Store, HEN and everything else under the sun already on it. The solid gold store has a ton of games but not everything, which is where I'd fill in the remaining from here (or other reputable sites) if necessary. The problem is, I have no clue what I am doing. I don't know proper formats or why one would have to be a rom vs iso vs pkg vs bios. I'm not a coder so trying to read this isn't necessarily as bad as trying to read Chinese but it's definitely at the level of trying to read French, Spanish or German - and I took 2 years of German back in the day!

See my dilemma? I have a desire to learn & even contribute to some degree, however, I don't even know where to begin learning all of this. YouTube tutorials for jailbroken systems, raspberry pi 3b+ (although most probably would be using a rp4), modded classic mini console of choice, soft modded Wii/WiiU, etc etc don't tell you where to find the games, which is not exactly necessarily the hard part, but what the proper format they should be for each system or specific emulators.

I hope what I'm typing makes sense to some degree, sometimes I think one needs a background in IT in order to understand all of this.

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They certainly could. We just need the relevant vaults to be created.