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Re: Unable to download files anymore

Posted by danielmyt on .
Are you using a VPN? If so, there is a chance that someone else using the same VPN service has the same "masked IP" as you, and this website uses the IP address to determine if you are already downloading something, so therefore it won't let you download something if they already are. If this is the case, best thing to try is turning off the VPN or switching to a different location/server.

In reply to: Unable to download files anymore posted by PS1user on .
Troubleshooting already attempted:
- restarting computer
- clearing cache and cookies
- trying different files to download
- using private browsing
- using DIFFERENT browser :')

I get the following message

"You're currently downloading for the .

Please wait for your download to finish before starting another.

If you're not downloading this, please click here to cancel your download."

Even after pressing cancel your download it says
"Error: Unable to cancel your download. "

Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?