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Download Speeds are to Low

Posted by Zorroc on .
does anyone know how to get ahold of vimm. or if he/she is reading this can you just limit the number of users who can download at a time and create a que. the download speed is to low. i am downloading bust-a-move 4 and its only 323mb. it is going to take 2 hrs. i am on gigabit internet and getting 1000mbs up and download. at the old unlimited speeds i downloaded a 30gb ps3 game in 4 hrs. at these speeds it would take a week or more. i love this site because it is orginized nicely, has some hard to find games, great\helpful community help through the message boards and i have never gotten a virus for anything downloaded here. maybe let us help with upgrading your servers through patreon or donations so we can get the download speed up. PLEASE THIS IS DRIVING US NUTS

Re: Download Speeds are to Low
ghostofva -- 3/31/2023 10:21 pm UTC
Re: Download Speeds are to Low
Scraggler -- 5/27/2023 9:07 am UTC