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Re: yall got any good reccomendations (any game)

Posted by zombie23470 on .
If you like some good ole platforming and are willing to go a bit old school. I would recommend all of the Wario lands series.

Super Mario land 3: Wario Land: an amazing title for a gray brick of a system, seriously this game is so fun with secrets not too cryptic to find if you have sense of adventure and the music is a banger.

Wario Land 2: A major improvement to Wario land 2 with some bball action and more wario fun

Wario Land 3: is almost like a 2d open world game with how time effect the stages and how big the game is for a gameboy color game.

Wario Land 4: is just wacky fun on the gba. I love the animation on this the most and enjoy the run to the end when you collect the key as it gives a sense of urgency.

Wario World: a pretty solid gamecube game that no one talks about since it quite short but the cool moves and gameplay was nice.

Wario Land: Shake it!: an Amazing platformer on the Wii with the motion not being that bad, with a great story with Wario with some great graphics. Seriously an underrated gem in my book from how overlooked it is.

"Wario Land is pretty cool too *crys at no new wario land this year*"

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the recommendation doesn't need to be vintage or old, i just have not decided to look on any recommendation websites cause they all steal that stuff from like IGN or something. all untrustworthy. i like stuff that challenges me and has secrets that aren't stupid cryptic.