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Re: this site dont have llist of all known ps2 gam

Posted by scottbeck79 on .
Google sucks as a search these days. I find better search results from DuckDuckGo. DDG has become Google "lite" but it's still better at the moment.

If you want to avoid all the algorithm BS, Brave is the be all end all right now.

That all being said, even though I'm "noob-ish", after having some issues of my own with a jailbroken PS3 & Raspberry Pi 3B+ -- meaning I didn't know wtf I'm doing, I sat down at a computer in my spare time (and continue to do so) and started to make an attempt at learning this stuff.

Vimm's would greatly benefit from a search on the forums (like many other similar websites) as I can only imagine how many times topics have been covered.

To the OP -- I'll ask again as others have -- what's missing specifically? I have found quite a few collections and maybe I can send you the links by email? Just a thought.

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use google