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current update

Posted by skyzoomin on .
so im moving the iso from the modernwarfare2 folder in GAMES (that also contains the original game file and the ird also) to GAMES, so i can open it easier, and gonna try it without the mod again to see if that makes a difference.


In reply to: ps3 mw2 issue pls help posted by skyzoomin on .
been trying to get mw2 to work for like 4 days on my ps3.
since my disk drive is broken and cant find my flash drive

ive downloaded the package, unzipped it, ftp it to GAMES.
also tried using isotools with the ird and made a iso that i tried starting on my ps3 from the game file i had put in GAMES, IT STARTS BUT ON MULTIPLAYER SHOWS NO PPL OR MATCHES. but i was just playing waw so i dont think its a overheat issue.

ive had multiple errors trying from multiple sources redownloaded the game like 10 times from different sites and have different errors every time.

i know i need to replace my thermal paste but that cant be whats wrong. ok so is there something very obvious im missing with like rap files or something ive researched hella hours. can someone give me a straightforward method to ftp this mw2 file and have it work? im thinking ur game file is ok but im missing something else. plz help thanks.

Re: current update
skyzoomin -- 2/2/2023 8:59 am UTC