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Re: How do I contribute?

Posted by Cruxader on .
I do have some manuals, but I was also referring to images of the boxes and discs/carts as well.

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Are you referring to game manuals when you say "scans"? If so, this would have been better posted in that board. Here's all the links I could find in regards to uploading.

Oh, one more thing; since there's no search function on this website in any of the forums to see if your question has been asked, I figured out the best course of action for now is just do a search on whatever search engine you use (for me it's DuckDuckGo) with whatever you're looking for an answer on make sure "Vimms" is in the search somewhere. I usually type that in first. Oddly though, nothing relevant showed up on this particular question but I didn't scroll looking for it.

Re: How do I contribute?
scottbeck79 -- 2/8/2023 8:46 pm UTC
Re: How do I contribute?
scottbeck79 -- 2/8/2023 8:21 pm UTC