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Re: Official PDFs from Nintendo's websites.

Posted by smolnes on .
Forgot to mention: since there are official nintendo websites hosted at different domains, for a thorough search, one would have to also try all of them, such as,, etc.

This website has a list of official nintendo websites, but I'm not sure if it has all of them:

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Nintendo has high quality pdf scans of some of its old games, and also some original rendered pdf documents that have embedded text, vector and raster images. For the latter (let's call them 'source pdfs') the text is properly selectable and can be copied and searched for (no need for OCR) and text and vector images render at arbitrary resolutions. This means that the files are both of higher quality and significantly lighter than scanned manuals. Kind of like how scanned books are generally large files and of poorer quality than 'source pdfs' that have the original embedded text.

Unfortunately, there is no unifying webpage or index of the available manuals. To find them, I have used Google's search operators, like this:

' filetype:pdf mario'

Substitute "mario" for whatever search term you want, but don't include the quotation marks in the actual search box.

The Manual Project, however, requires manuals to be uploaded as '.png' files. Converting source pdfs to .png would actually degrade their quality and discard the embedded text information, so could native pdf uploading be implemented?

Thank you and anyone involved in mantaining this great website. Feels good to finally contribute something, if at all.

Re: Official PDFs from Nintendo's websites.
smolnes -- 2/10/2023 12:03 am UTC