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Re: Xbox Arcade Games

Posted by Matman on .
ReDump only has games that came on discs not downloadable content.

In reply to: Xbox Arcade Games posted by sesame_yeet on .
I know that the xbox 360 vault is fairly new and still growing but I was curious as to why vimm's lair and/or redump have so many games that aren't listed (to my knowledge) from the xbox arcade marketplace; zombie wranglers, crystal defenders, the dishwasher, just to name a few?

P.S. I notice this a lot with indie games as well, but that's a bit more understandable.

Re: Xbox Arcade Games
sesame_yeet -- 2/17/2023 6:01 am UTC
Re: Xbox Arcade Games
Matman -- 2/17/2023 9:21 am UTC