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Re: Where do I get the PS1 BIOS?

Posted by MrQua on .
Well all i can say is search and u will find.
Example u can go and search google it or bing it or whatever.
Like so PS1 BIOS, pick a trustworthy site, and if u download, run it through some AV if u are not sure, if its .7z or .rar and if its not, its probably the real deal.
Or u can try on youtube UrCasualGamer, probably he might have links on trustworthy sources, or on his second channel SIMPLE, i guess.
Or pick another youtuber, essentially a bigger one, less likely to be a scammer or wants harming you with something malicious.
Thats what i did and i did get a few BIOS files.
Or the last option is buy a PS1 extract the BIOS from it. Also u can find step by step guide on youtube how to do it.
Sorry i cant be more specific, again i did the search on my own and did find a few.
Theres another option, extracting PS1 bios from PS3 firmware file that u can get legally from SONY, so yeah. But u also will need steps to do it. And if u guessed it u can find a youtube video about this too, u are absolutely right.
Dont remember the name of the channel but its a bigger one, not in millions but like tens or hundreds of thousands of subs. so its ok to trust him.
Ok now thats it now, i have no other ideas. Bye

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DuckStation requires that I have it, but I have no clue where to find it.
I need an NTSC-U BIOS, if that narrows things down.