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DSI XL Pre-Installed Games

Posted by gigigigi on .
System: Nintendo DS

Hey fellow gamers,

I was wondering if anyone knows where to find the pre-installed games on the DSI XL? They were called Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters, Flipnote Studios, Clubhouse Cards Express and there a bird recording app on there but I forgot the name. If anyone would be able to find out where I could play it on my phone or PC, I would be forever grateful. If not, it's all good and I'm still forever grateful for the people who helped find and make my childhood games playable again.

Some games I haven't played in over 10 years because I lost the cartridges so I have been severely emotionally and grateful to be able to play and relive these memories again in the past few days. Thank you to the people who helped make this happen :)

Re: DSI XL Pre-Installed Games
DerpySnake -- 3/12/2023 11:55 am UTC