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Maintenance complete

Posted by Vimm on .
Today's maintenance is complete. Most upgrades were successful and I'll be monitoring the servers for any signs of trouble. Unfortunately the new download server can't hold as many drives (whoops!) so the PS3 Vault is running with a degraded RAID5. Hopefully it can still keep up, otherwise the PS3 Vault will be closed for a few days while new parts arrive.

In reply to: Vimm's Lair Maintenance: March 31 posted by Vimm on .
Vimm's Lair will be down for maintenance starting March 31 around 9:00am.

Long story short the database server is overpowered and a download server needs that power, so some musical chairs is in order. Expect sporadic outages all day.

The upgraded server should support more bandwidth and process uploads faster.